Kent is a licensed psychotherapist, providing individual, couples and group therapy. He has extensive experience, clinical training and a refined wisdom to assist in deep and sustained healing of frozen, shadowed or crystalized aspects of ourselves that when released, allow us to live more authentically.

Kent’s documentary photography has been funded over the years from national and state arts council grants, commercial clients and gallery sales. He is drawn primarily to those people who have a close affinity to the landscape, their spirituality and proactive sense of community.

He consults with Native American tribes, wilderness programs and groups that seek to enhance or explore the indigeneity within each of us. He also mentors young seekers of healing modalities and a deeper sense of community within themselves and at large.

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  • Address: 2216 Scotch Pine Ct, Loveland, CO 80538
  • Phone: 970.626.3333
  • Email: kent@kentart.com
  • Skype: artisbasic

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